Real Estate Foreign investment in Albania


Saranda, Albania real estate is rapidly emerging as a prime investment opportunity. Thanks to Albania’s business-friendly environment, competitive pricing, and enticing investment incentives, the nation stands out as an attractive destination for foreign investors. Witnessing steady economic growth, signs of fiscal stability, and consolidation, Saranda, Albania’s real estate market offers a dependable choice for those looking to expand their portfolio

The country’s economic growth is showing signals of economic stability and fiscal consolidation, owing to the progressive decrease of the budget deficit and public debt.

By including ourselves in a market of 26 million clients among CEFTA member nations, our economy is founded on a regional perspective. We will be completely economically integrated into the huge European market in less than 5 years.

The economy is developing, and the trend is positive; people’s faith in the system has grown; Albania’s production structure is being solidified; and the number and value of exports are increasing.

To build a new economic model that generates prosperity, employment, and overall development, the government has implemented a series of reforms to improve the business climate, boost the productivity and competitiveness of the Albanian economy, increase domestic and foreign investment, and strengthen the country’s financial and economic stability. This has included the introduction of a range of incentives for businesses, such as tax holidays, reduced tax rates, and investment guarantees. The government has also launched initiatives to improve the country’s infrastructure, making it easier for businesses to operate and expand.

Albania has a favorable business climate, reasonable rates, attractive investment schemes, an online registration and tax payment system, and a one-stop shop procedure for business registration and licensing. According to the bank of Albania by the end of 2015, around 10.560 foreign enterprises were operating in Albania.

A statistical pie chart depicting the distribution of joint enterprise countries, with each segment representing the percentage share of participation, providing a visual representation of the countries' collaboration

A statistical pie chart depicting the distribution of joint enterprise countries

Potential foreign investors and investments have been given top attention through the liberalization of rules aimed at attracting them. A number of changes and legislation have been introduced in conformity with these principles, ensuring and supporting foreign investment. The Albanian government has prioritized sectors with high development potential, such as renewable energy, mining, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, logistics, and information and communication technology, through liberal legislation that gives domestic and foreign investors equal rights and obligations. The inflow of FDI grew by 15.7% over the previous year. Albania provides excellent investment prospects in industries with sustained economic development, such as energy and mining, transportation and logistics, tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing.

According to the Albanian Ministry of Finance, the total amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country reached €1.7 billion in 2020, a significant increase from the previous year. The majority of this investment came from countries such as the United States, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. The largest share of foreign investment in Albania has gone into the construction and real estate sectors, followed by energy, tourism, and manufacturing.

Foreign investment has brought numerous benefits to the Albania real estate market, especially Saranda . It has helped create new jobs, increase economic growth, and raise the standard of living for Albanian citizens. The influx of foreign investment has also helped to improve the country’s infrastructure, making it more attractive to both businesses and tourists. For example, many new hotels and resorts have been built in recent years, providing a boost to the country’s tourism industry.

In addition, foreign investment has also played a crucial role in promoting economic integration and cooperation between Albania and other countries. This has helped to improve the country’s relationships with its neighbors, strengthening regional stability and encouraging further investment.

A challenge they have been constantly chasing is the shortage of skilled workers in certain industries in Albania, which can make it difficult for businesses to find the personnel they need to operate effectively. This is particularly true in the technology and engineering sectors, where there is a high demand for skilled workers. To address this challenge, the Albanian government has introduced initiatives to improve the education system and encourage the development of a more skilled workforce.

In conclusion, foreign investment has played a crucial role in the economic development of Albania in recent years, bringing numerous benefits and creating new opportunities for the country. Despite the challenges, the future prospects for foreign investment in real estate in Saranda, Albania are promising, and the country is well-positioned to attract further investment in the coming years.



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