An ambitious project that is set to finish in 2021. The project is located near Mango Beach and includes the construction and development of 12 private 2-storey villas which will also have their private swimming pool.

The project resides in the first line of the Ionian Sea and offers the luxury of a green park around the Residence.


The complex with these structures will also include swimming pool, 2-storey garage and a private beach.

Located in an area, that is away from the urban life and that provides calmness, clean air and the possibility of enjoying Ionian Sea to its best.

The project has a final system and revitalization for all areas under construction, improving the quality of social life by making the area green recreation, infrastructure and providing a wide range of services.

Sikksakk project is a 3-year project, which includes the construction and the development of numerous structures which are living residences and hotel service structures. The project is under construction.


A top-notch project, in the most beautiful and attractive place in Saranda, right over the Ionian Sea. The project is currently under construction and is expected to be finished in 2021.

Located in a privileged area by nature, just a few minutes away from the city center and very close to the seaport, this facility is an ideal solution for both those seeking a permanent home and those seeking a secondary holiday home.

A special erosion technology is applied in this Residence, along with a modern system of architecture, technology, heating attached to the luxury goods that this residence offers.

Luxury Residence offers 5 residential floors, underground parking floors, built according to European norms. The green part and recreational spaces have an important role in this complex, guaranteeing for the residents green areas, tranquility, sea paysage and clean air that this area offers.


This project is just starting to get under construction and is one of the most modern and luxurious projects of DAED construction.

The project includes the construction and development of 12 private 2-storey villas which will also have their private swimming pool.

One of the benefits of this Complex is the presence of it in an almost unpopulated green area, and the development of this area by turning it into a touristic attraction for our clients.

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