A superb project, which was completed in 2015 and sold out in just a year. The Residence is located near Santa Quaranta Resort, in the first line of the Ionian Sea.

In the facilities of the Residence, there is a considerable park just across the Sea, and the residents get the possibility of having a high-technology contemporaneous facility, breath- taking sea paysage, parking lots and garages.

One of the best projects completed by DAED construction, with impressive valuation from our clients.


The Golden Residence is the latest project that was completed by DAED Construction. The Golden Residence is located near Bougainville Resort, and in the first line of the Ionian Sea.

An 8-storey Residence with a private beach and a swimming pool surrounded by the fresh air and the beautiful nature around the Ionian Sea.

The project is of special importance to us not only for the volume, but above all for the high-quality standards that we have maintained throughout the construction process and in all the services that are provided to our customers.


Another completed project by DAED Construction in the early years of our already established success in the city of Saranda. The project was completed in 2009.

At Attic Residence you can find some of the best designed living apartments, an exciting view of the Ionian Sea and parking facilities.

Fresh air and the possibility of getting to the Ionian Sea in just a couple of minutes are some of the key points of this Residence. The technology used for the Electric and Heating system, gives the clients a Residence of high and modern standards.

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