Real Estate in Albania

House purchasing is one of the most overwhelming decisions for anyone in Albania. It is an important long-term investment that provides better living conditions and possible profits in the future.

AIA Survey Reveals Emerging Bathroom and Kitchen Trends

Despite the negative economic impact of the pandemic on the design & construction sector, custom residential architects have fared surprisingly well according to new data from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, focusing on kitchens and bathrooms.

2020 IBS Preview: What's Next in Single-Family Architecture?

With affordability being so important in many market segments, open floor plans that feel spacious while weaving in flexible, customizable spaces is key. Indoor-outdoor living elements throughout the home are here to stay.

Top 50 Housing Innovations That Matter In 2019 And Beyond

Here, for you, are our Hive 50 honorees for 2019. “The what” of our Hive 50 is this. They’re the story of innovation’s essential and active role in solving housing’s three principle crises–affordability, sustainability, and regenerative-ability.

Housing Strategy Moves from Location, Location, Location to Space, Space, Space

Space. It’s the ultimate possession. It’s at the crux of housing debate, shifting zoning regulations, underlining new designs for greater density, fueling debates about not in my back yard, and yet falls easily into the hands of luxury home buyers.

Bathroom of the Week: ‘Car Wash of Showers’ Inspires a Remodel

These parents of two teenagers wanted their en suite bathroom to serve as a retreat from the hustle and bustle in the rest of their Virginia home. Interior designer Susan Sutter quickly assessed that their style leaned toward the contemporary and edgy side of transitional design.

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